Three Exercises For Your Training Arsenal: Push-up, Squat & Pull-up

A Fitness Training Post by Nelson Bodnarchuk

A few months back I posted some information on how to do a push-up, and one about the Squat. Well I got so much feedback about those two post alone that I decided to make a demo video with my bro Justin. We’ve been working together over the last several months to develop several training and nutrition plans, and they all include the Push-up, the squat and the pull-up.So we figure why not show you how to do these movements with proper form instead of just explain them in words.

These 3 power houses also represent the three most basic pillars of ones’ fitness and strength. The Push-up, the Squat and the Pull-up. Justin will also show you a few variations, if you have specific injuries.


Let us know what exercise you’d like to see next in the comments below.

Take care, Train Hard and Be Lean.

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