The Push-up and why it Should be Your Secret Weapon in Building Upper Body Strength

A fitness training post by Nelson Bodnarchuk

Hi, I hope you’re kickn’ ass with your training, your own that is, and if you aren’t quite there yet you’ve come to the right place.

This post is dedicated to the push-up and all it’s variations.

I’m a fan of the push-up, it’s basic, versatile and doesn’t require much more than good form and your body weight and you don’t need to spend anything to get in shape with them. The push-up has many variations, as seen in the diagram above, and you don’t require the push up board to eye-ball where you need to place your hands in order to hit the desired muscles that your’re looking to work. The push-up allows you to sculpt your arms, shoulders, pecs and abs.

Other benefits of the push-up? It’s a body weight exercise so there is much less risk for injury and it works your entire core when done correctly. Push-ups build stronger, more toned chest, triceps, shoulders and of course abs. Outside of the regular push-up, with your body in a plank position and the arms at shoulder level and just wider than shoulder distance apart, there are several other variations such as:

  • Close grip push-up: hands are close together to increase difficulty, working the different parts of the shoulders and triceps
  • Wide grip push-up: hands are wide apart to increase difficulty, working into the abs and forearms more
  • Tricep push-up: hands are lower than shoulders and elbows are tucked in close to body, working entire tricep helping to eliminate that under-arm flab for the ladies
  • Pike push-up: start in a downward dog position and aim the top of your head towards the ground as you bend the elbows, this is also known as dive bombers, heavily works the delts
  • Military push-up: hands are down toward the waist and fingers are turned slightly outwards to give you that superhero strength you’re looking to build for the coming zombie apocalypse
  • Plyo-metric push-up: any hand position, push up with an explosive burst launching your upper body and hands off the floor, then land by bending through the elbows and control to starting position.

Not sold on the benefits and pure awesomeness of the push-up and all it’s primitive glory? Herschel Walker is know to do 750 to 1,500 Push-ups, as well as 2,000 to 3,500 Sit-ups, over the course of a day, every day with little to no other regular training. It all comes back to Occam’s Razor, the simplest solution is the best and start enjoying the many benefits of regular push-ups daily.

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